Board of Commissioners Agenda, Minutes, and Videos

The Board of Commissioners meet on the second Thursday of every month at 4:00 PM. The meetings are held at the Administration Building located at 203 E. Pecan St. Pflugerville, TX 78660.

Regular meetings are open to the public.

The Board of Commissioners meeting agenda(s) will be made available the Monday prior to the Thursday meeting.


Meeting DateAgendaMinutesVideos
September 13, 2023Regular MeetingVideo
August 10, 2023Regular MeetingMinutesVideo
July 27-28, 2023Special Meeting
July 13, 2023Regular MeetingMinutesVideo
June 07, 2023Regular MeetingMinutesVideo
May 23, 2023Special Meeting
May 11, 2023Regular MeetingMinutesVideo
April 06, 2023Regular MeetingMinutesVideo
March 09, 2023Regular MeetingMinutesVideo
February 23, 2023Special Meeting
February 09, 2023Regular MeetingMinutesVideo
January 27, 2023Special Meeting
January 12, 2023Regular MeetingMinutesVideo


Meeting DateAgendaMinutesVideos
December 08, 2022Regular MeetingMinutesVideo
November 10, 2022Regular MeetingMinutesVideo
October 13, 2022Regular MeetingMinutesVideo
September 08, 2022Regular MeetingMinutesVideo
August 08, 2022Regular MeetingMinutesVideo
July 22-23, 2022Special MeetingMinutes
July 14, 2022Regular MeetingMinutesVideo
June 09, 2022Regular MeetingMinutesVideo
May 12, 2022Regular MeetingMinutesVideo
April 18, 2022Special Meeting
April 14, 2022Regular MeetingMinutesVideo
March 10, 2022Regular MeetingMinutesVideo
February 8, 2022Regular MeetingMinutesVideo
January 13, 2022Regular MeetingMinutesVideo


Meeting DateAgendaMinutesVideos
December 9, 2021Regular MeetingMinutesVideo
November 11, 2021Regular MeetingMinutesVideo
October 14, 2021Regular MeetingMinutesVideo
October 1, 2021Special Event
September 14, 2021Regular MeetingMinutesVideo
August 26, 2021Special MeetingMinutesVideo
August 16, 2021Special MeetingMinutes
August 16, 2021Special MeetingMinutes
August 16, 2021Special MeetingMinutes
August 12, 2021Regular MeetingMinutesVideo
July 15, 2021Regular MeetingMinutesVideo
July 8-10, 2021Special MeetingMinutes
June 22, 2021Regular MeetingMinutes